The story of Sanaa and living in Mar Mikhael

I am a secondary school teacher and have been teaching for 42 years
My salary now, when I go to retirement, is $2,000 
I can’t get a loan or make ends meet
What will this compensation do for me? It will do nothing
The house I live in is 60 years old
It has no central heating, no parking, nothing
How much will my rent be according to the new rent law?
$1200 per month
Imagine, $1200 for a house with these specifications
I am a secondary school teacher, and have been working all my life,
The house costs me two thirds of my salary
What is one expected to be?
To be able to stay in an apartment like this
With the stipulations of the old rent law, they threw us out of our homes
They simply threw us out and now they are throwing us out.
“Go back to your village”. Maybe this has become my village
I am expected to cut all my relationships here and leave?
Is a house a chicken coop!!


قصة سناء والسكن في حيّ مار مخايل